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BoundaryCare Kits

Looking for the simple and reliable solution? The BoundaryCare Kit provides a pre-configured Apple Watch and its paired iPhone. It’s ready to use out of the box — and even includes its own cell plan!

All in One Box

The BoundaryCare Kit spares you the trouble of setting up your own app. It’s especially attractive for users who don’t already have a cell-enabled Apple Watch; BoundaryCare will provide a ready-to-go solution, shipped to your home.

Try it out risk-free: we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

All consumer kits include a full one-year subscription to our data services (including the cell voice/data plan, and access to the web portal). After the first year, you can continue your subscription for just $35/month.

Kits come in two forms: with or without the O2 monitor
(which requires a higher grade Apple Watch).

BoundaryCare Kit

No O2 monitor

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$995 + tax & shipping

30-day money-back guarantee

BoundaryCare Kit O2

With O2 monitor

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$1195 + tax & shipping

30-day money-back guarantee

Equipment warranty for 1 year. Money-back guarantee on (consumer BoundaryCare Kits only): devices must be returned in like-new condition at customer’s expense, with date of post no more than 30 days after day of delivery. Full details in our Terms and Conditions.

Apple Watch and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple. BoundaryCare is not an Apple reseller, and BoundaryCare kits are not eligible for AppleCare.