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Seizure Detection

BoundaryCare can help identify symptoms associated with seizures—and offers powerful alerts for caregivers.

Tracking symptoms and alerting caregivers

Seizures (both epileptic and non-epileptic) afflict many categories of vulnerable adults, They need to be taken seriously.

Seizures manifest themselves differently with each individual. BoundaryCare can’t place electrodes on the scalp to detect brainwave patterns, but it can help identify seizure-like symptoms.

By tracking common symptoms of seizures, allowing you to adjust the settings for your particular needs, BoundaryCare can provide a personalized tool to keep your loved one safe.

One Apple Watch — endless possibilities.

GPS Tracker Watch for Disabled and Special Needs

Seizures — not to be taken lightly


people in the US have epilepsy.


of people with epilepsy suffer from depression and/or anxiety.


people suffer injuries from seizures each year.

Detection & Prevention

BoundaryCare can alert caregivers for early intervention


Track factors like heart rate and oxygen saturation — that may correlate to seizures.


Get alerts by SMS, e-mail, or notification—and customize them so no alert is missed.


Falls are common when seizures occur—be alerted right away.

Other Data

View other factors—such as sleep duration and quality—that may interact with seizures.


Download history of all your metrics to share with a healthcare professional.

Seizures are just the beginning

BoundaryCare also offers geo-tracking for wandering/elopement, fall detection (and aides for fall prevention), monitoring of complex health issues, and behavioral supports (including reminders).

Learn more about BoundaryCare

  • Learn more about BoundaryCare’s advanced capabilities, such as reminder scheduling, data analysis, and in-app communication on our Platform page.
  • By tracking health metrics, sleep, activity levels, wandering, and more, BoundaryCare helps provide 360º of support.