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Wandering and Elopement

Whether the result of disorientation or a deliberate desire to leave, wandering (elopement) puts vulnerable individuals at risk. BoundaryCare alerts caregivers and increases safety. Especially useful for dementia patients, autistic children, disabled individuals, and brain injury survivors.

Wandering / Elopement: The risks are real

Wandering is one of the most common fears for seniors and vulnerable adults—with good reason.

Whether due to cognitive impairment, emotional instability, or disorientation, wandering is risky business. BoundaryCare’s rapid alerting of caregivers can be the difference between life and death.

In addition to a robust system for alerting caregivers, BoundaryCare also provides emergency tracking and emergency communications.

One watch — endless possibilities.

GPS Tracker Watch for Disabled and Special Needs

Wandering/Elopement — a real danger


of dementia patients will wander at some point.


of people who wander will suffer serious injury or death if they are not found within 24 hours.


of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will wander.

Clear and actionable alerts

Provide independence — but safely.


See where your loved one is, with location history.


Receive alerts if the safe zone (or itinerary) boundary is crossed.

Emergency tracking

Follow your loved one’s location in real time.


Emergency calling to and from the watch—even with auto-answer.


Auto-send messages to watch if your loved one strays.

Wandering is just the beginning

BoundaryCare also offers fall detection (and aides for fall prevention), detection of seizure-like symptoms, monitoring of complex health issues, and behavioral supports (including reminders).

Learn more about BoundaryCare

  • Learn more about BoundaryCare’s advanced capabilities, such as reminder scheduling, data analysis, and in-app communication on our Platform page.
  • By tracking health metrics, sleep, activity levels, wandering, and more, BoundaryCare helps provide 360º of support.