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AT Vendors

Assistive Technology Vendors and Providers

Information for vendors

Structures vary from state to state. Some IDD agencies work directly with their county for approval of Assistive Technology (AT), but often it is AT vendors or providers who help. These people can evaluate your needs and identify the best solution. In some states AT vendors can work directly with the county to have BoundaryCare added to your treatment plan.

Once it’s confirmed that BoundaryCare has been covered or added to an individual’s treatment plan, we can start the process to provide a pre-configured equipment kit that is ready-to-go out of the box.

Approved vendors should contact us to issue a PO or invoice. Then they can fill out our online IDD kit configuration form to customize each unit for the individual, as needed.

We are currently accepting additional vendors who can handle billing to Medicaid, especially via AT, CADI, DD, or other relevant waivers. If you are a vendor and would like to include BoundaryCare in your offerings, please contact us.