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BoundaryCare was founded by a father-and-son team with deep experience in family caregiving.

Our Story

We founded the company in 2019, releasing our first consumer product in 2021. Although our original focus was on dementia caregiving, we have broadened our vision (and our services) to address senior health monitoring, hospital-to-home, fall prevention, autism, Down Syndrome, and more.

Based in Minnesota, we are dedicated to helping vulnerable adults and their caregivers with digital solutions

We get it.

At BoundaryCare (aka Beatrice Health LLC), we’re not just developers; we’re caregivers. Our products are informed by experience and designed to provide real support. No gimmicks or gadgets—just the tools you need to keep your loved one safe and independent, with dignity.

Keep it simple.

We make a single product: BoundaryCare, designed to be used with an Apple Watch (device sold separately by Apple), connecting with caregiver apps on iOS for iPhone and iPad. No amulets, pendants, or other oddball devices with terrible battery life. We start with the world’s finest digital watch, and make it better.

The Founders

Scott Carpenter, PhD

Professor at Carleton College, formerly of Ultralingua.

Paul Carpenter

Former Lead iOS developer at StreetEasy (Zillow), PareUp.

The Team

Liviu Maftuleac

Full Stack Engineer

Tim Carpenter

I/DD Consultant

The Advisors

Linda Hall, PhD

Minute Clinic, Entre-preneur-in-Residence at Carlson School.

Sara Ratner, JD

Senior Vice President at Icario; HealthEHR, Proximal Health.

Eric Finkel, JD

CEO at Tickit Health; formerly VP at Qase.

Eddie Lou

Advisor to Founders

Company Highlights


The first and only app for location tracking of seniors with the Apple Watch is making news!

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How we started BoundaryCare

BoundaryCare—the first and only app for location tracking of seniors with the Apple Watch—is making news! Here are a few highlights:


  • September, 2022, launched our first major provider partnership with I Am Boundless, an IDD provider in Ohio.
  • August, 2022, joined forces with Minnesota-based reseller with Sengistix, LLC.
  • July, 2022, named “Best Senior Health Monitoring App” by Global Health and Pharma Awards.
  • June, 2022, created our Advisory Board. (See the Our Team page!)
  • May, 2022, featured on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio podcast.
  • December, 2021, named crowd favorite at Mayo-sponsored Walleye Tank competition.
  • December, 2021, recipient of Launch Minnesota Grant.
  • Sept. 20, 2021, named first runner-up in the General Division of the Minnesota Cup.
  • August 13, 2021, named as a finalist in the Minnesota Cup, one of the nation’s leading entrepreneurial competitions.
  • August 4, 2021, winner of the General Division Showcase with the Minnesota Cup.
  • July 15, 2021, recommended by Tech-Enhanced Life.
  • May 18, 2021, named as a semifinalist in the Minnesota Cup.
  • September 2020, recommended by Lifted Care.
  • April 4 2020, reported in TechTimes “BoundaryCare for Apple Watch Helps Keep Alzheimer’s Patients Safe,” TechTimes: “Beatrice Health’s BoundaryCare is the first and the only app that provides geofencing as well as location notifications via Apple Watch. Since many people already have Apple products, BoundaryCare is a high-quality but cost-effective alternative to the more expensive devices dedicated for such situations.”