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Fall detection & prevention

Fall detection is a great first step, but BoundaryCare can contribute to fall prevention, too. Useful for aging-in-place, disabilities, seizure protection, ABI, and other cases.

Falls are not inevitable

Falls are one of the most common dangers among seniors and vulnerable adults, often with dire consequences.

Whether due to age, disability, or other health issues, falls are both common and destructive. BoundaryCare’s rapid alerting of caregivers can be the difference between life and death.

While detecting falls is crucial, preventing them is even better. BoundaryCare can help to identify the cause of falls—deteriorating gait, balance issues related to heart rate or oxygen saturation, and more.

One watch — endless possibilities.

GPS Tracker Watch for Disabled and Special Needs

Seizures — not to be taken lightly


MILLION falls are recorded among older adults in the US each year.


THOUSAND deaths resulting from these falls.


MILLION emergency room visits among older adults for hip fractures each year

Detection & Prevention

BoundaryCare can alert caregivers for early intervention

Hard Falls

Learn instantly if your loved one suffers a hard fall—with location info.

Soft Falls

BoundaryCare can even detect a crumpling fall. (Coming soon.)


Emergency calling to and from the watch—even with auto-answer.

Gait Monitoring

Track changes in a person’s gait—and take action.


Track factors like heart rate, A-Fib, and oxygen saturation — that affect balance.

Falls are just the beginning

BoundaryCare also offers geo-tracking for wandering/elopement, detection of seizure-like symptoms, monitoring of complex health issues, and behavioral supports (including reminders).

Learn more about BoundaryCare

  • Learn more about BoundaryCare’s advanced capabilities, such as reminder scheduling, data analysis, and in-app communication on our Platform page.
  • By tracking health metrics, sleep, activity levels, wandering, and more, BoundaryCare helps provide 360º of support.