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Health Plans

Improve member health outcomes and control costs by empowering caregivers on their terms.

Support caregivers, support everyone

People rarely navigate their health journey on their own, especially when facing complicated or chronic conditions.

Studies show that caregiving support improves outcomes and drives down costs, but that caregiving can also have real negative impacts on caregivers’ own health.

Whether your member is receiving care or is a caregiver for someone else, plans can support the journey by providing tools to help caregivers focus their efforts and impact on where it matters most.

Essentials at a glance

Cross-platform alerts, outreach, and data analysis


Learn instantly if your loved one falls — and know where.


Alerts if your loved one leaves a safe zone (geofencing).

A-fib alerts

Be alerted if your loved one goes into A-Fib.

Heart rate

Set thresholds for high and low heart rate alerts.

Med reminders

Set reminders – and know if meds were taken!

One app, endless possibilities

Support quality and disease management programs

Combine data with automated outreach to improve star rating scores for falls, medication adherence, and appointment attendance.

Support CCIPs for dementia, A-Fib, CHF, Parkinson’s, & more

Increase growth & retention by enhancing member & caregiver satisfaction.

Clear results

Learn how we support our dementia caregivers.


of responding caregivers who report it helps keep loved ones out of assisted living or skilled nursing, estimate that it delays those needs for a year or more.


of BoundaryCare loved ones have had at least one hard fall that resulted in instant alerts for caregivers.


wandering events per year on average for each BoundaryCare loved one.

Easy to adopt, simple to scale

Take advantage of the wearables that 28% of seniors and 45% of Americans already own.

Empower members and caregivers on their own terms.

Integrate with existing programs and member benefits to drive better utilization of care management and preventative care resources.

Learn more about BoundaryCare

  • Learn more about BoundaryCare’s advanced capabilities such as reminder scheduling, data analysis, and in-app communication on our Platform page.
  • Let us show you how BoundaryCare can help you improve care and lower costs while fitting into your plan’s existing programs.