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IDD Providers

“Technology will never replace in-person staff, but BoundaryCare can offer important assistance — while giving individuals a greater sense of independence and supporting them in reaching their health and wellness goals.” — Jennifer Riha, VP of Programs at I Am Boundless (Ohio)

Independence, Safety, Simplicity

With a specially configured watch, BoundaryCare provides clear and actionable data.

In-Home Supports

Residential Services

ICF Support

Quick and vital information for caregivers and DSPs; powerful resources for organizations. Usually covered by assistive technology provisions of state HCBS waivers.

Enable only the features needed

Features are enabled to reflect the supports identified in the ISP, and data can be shared with multiple caregivers.


and know where the fall occurred.

Emergency Tracking
with real-time updates.

with geofenced zones and routes.


Medication reminders
Improve medication adherence.

The watch has its own number — and it answers automatically.

Charging reminders
Never run out of battery.

Usage reminders
Alert caregivers if device is not worn.


Heart rate
Set thresholds for low or high heart rate alerts

Heart rhythm
Receive alerts if A-Fib is detected.

Blood oxygen
Set threshold for oxygen saturation (COPD, Covid)

Check the duration and quality of sleep


Set a step goal and monitor progress.

Cardio fitness
Check your fitness over time

Daily energy burn
See how many calories are burned.

Information updated every 5-20 minutes (user-defined range). See the BoundaryCare Fact Sheet for specific details, or even the entire User Guide.

A revolutionary app for caregivers.

My son Max developed life-threatening seizures where his... oxygen would dip down to 60, and he would have to be hospitalized. BoundaryCare has given us peace of mind. Their technology can detect the dip in oxygen and the spike in the heart rate. We can sleep better at night knowing that we finally have a tool that can accommodate our children’s needs.

Charity K

The BoundaryCare app was loaded onto [Dad’s] watch, and now the kids, all over the country and locally, can work as a team to keep an eye on him. If he takes a walk, we will know before he gets too far. We can also tell his heart rate and other health info. It was simple to set up and share with siblings around the US.”

Jodie S.Caregiver

The app works exactly as we hoped it would. Absolutely wonderful— gives us great peace of mind.

G.S., App Store UserCaregiver

Changing the paradigm in IDD

Seizure Symptoms

Peg has seizures that cause her heart to race and her O2 levels to drop. At night, her mother may not wake if there’s a problem. BoundaryCare sends very loud alerts if her levels change, or if she has a fall. A second caregiver gets the alert if the first doesn’t respond. Nights are less anxious now.

Fall Detection Prevention

Fall Risk

Judy’s at risk for falls, and she doesn’t always take her meds. She and her support team chose BoundaryCare to help. BoundaryCare sends an alert if she falls, but it also tracks contributing factors, and alerts her if her heart rate or rhythm are irregular. Daily reminders help her take her meds.


Jared sometimes leaves home and gets lost. Location tracking is a must, and the auto-answer feature for calls to the watch helps too. He’s also subject to mood swings, which are affected by his sleep. Sleep monitoring helps his caregivers stay ahead of problems.

No alerts go unanswered

Alerts can be received by SMS, email, or notification

One of our most powerful features, BoundaryCare’s alerts structure is second to none. Waterfall alerts are especially useful, allowing you to schedule who should receive alerts when, and who the backup caregivers are if an alert is not acknowledged. Outreach includes both reminders and calling.


(multiple caregivers)


(back to individual)


(successive caregivers)


(from caregiver)

Alzheimer's and Dementia GPS Tracking Device

A dashboard in your pocket

Family caregivers and DSPs receive the most urgent information on their handheld device (iPhone, Android phone, iPad, etc.). They can check on their loved one at a glance, and receive alerts whenever they are triggered by the watch. Caregivers may also turn off alerts when they are off duty.

The web portal

This is the “command center” for BoundaryCare, where all data is saved, where reminders and alerts are configured, caregivers are managed, and more. Display metrics over time to identify trends and correlations. Data can be exported to be shared with a health professional.

For organizations with many BoundaryCare users, the web dashboard starts with a population-at-a-glance screen, allowing administrators to move from the overview to individual clients or patients.

How to get started with BoundaryCare

Pricing starts at $649 for the specially configured, locked-down watch and base station, plus a monthly subscription. BoundaryCare is often covered by assistive technology provisions of state HCBS waivers, or can be included in ICF cost-reporting. Our pre-configured kits (especially for the IDD public) are customized for each individual’s needs. We even offer color selections to make sure the individuals you support like them.

When purchasing, fill out the IDD kit configuration form.