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Seizures pose a significant challenge for many people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), profoundly impacting their quality of life and presenting a constant concern for their caregivers. The unpredictable nature of seizures, combined with the diverse range of seizure types and intensities, has created a need for technology solutions tailored to meet these unique challenges. Seizure detection devices are rapidly becoming an invaluable asset to assist caregivers, helping to identify seizure-like symptoms and help with seizure management in a timely manner.

Seizure Symptom Detection with Smartwatch Technology

The BoundaryCare Ultimate kit uses advanced technology to help identify seizure-like symptoms, such as changes in heart rate, drops in oxygen saturation, falls, and convulsive movements.

People with IDD may experience a wide array of seizure types, including non-epileptic events. Caregivers can customize settings on the BoundaryCare app to meet the unique needs of their loved ones. From convulsions caused by tonic-clonic seizures to absence seizures, BoundaryCare is designed to help detect seizure-like symptoms, whether they are dramatic or subtle.

BoundaryCare offers peace of mind for caregivers whose loved ones may experience seizures. The BoundaryCare app offers:

  • Seizure management
  • Biometrics to track heart rate and oxygen saturation.
  • Fall detection
  • Convulsive motion detection
  • Scheduled updates and rapid alerts based on settings personalized to a loved one’s needs.
  • Data for tracking symptom trends, along with other contributing factors like sleep duration and quality.
  • Downloadable records for ease of sharing with healthcare professionals and others involved in the care of a loved one.

Advanced Seizure Detection Devices

The power of detection technology lies in its ability to inform and assist caregivers. Alerts from BoundaryCare are more than just notifications; they provide specific, helpful information. Based on their customized settings, caregivers can better gauge the potential severity of each event, better informing their response. This might include something as simple as making sure their loved on is in a safe position, or calling to check on them.

Over time, caregivers and healthcare professionals can use BoundaryCare data to track seizure patterns, frequency, and other critical metrics. Gathering this type of data may play a crucial role in adjusting care plans to meet each person’s changing needs.

Close collaboration between caregivers and health professionals is essential to improving health outcomes for people with IDD.  BoundaryCare offers a comprehensive data set that clinicians can easily analyze and interpret. Real-time data gathered by the BoundaryCare app helps healthcare professionals understand what’s happening on a daily basis, resulting  in more informed treatment plans

BoundaryCare Seizure Detection

BoundaryCare’s smartwatch technology is rapidly advancing, continuing to enhance BoundaryCare’s ability to detect seizure-like symptoms.  The integration of BoundaryCare’s advanced app technology with the power of the Apple Watch represents a major leap to support caregivers and their loved ones who are dealing with seizures.